Lovro Ivančić (HR): Different the same

Similarity of apparent diversity

textiles, wood, metal, plastic
2x 120 cm x 120 cm x 90 cm
Lovro Ivančić
May 26, 2021
to August 14, 2021
Layer House
Mentor: prof. Marija Jenko / Master's degree, Design of textiles and clothing, Department of Textiles, Graphics and Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana / 2017

Two hollow geometric bodies, clad in generic whiteness, appear in space. The cubes, outwardly like empty painting palettes, hide in their interior a colorful content, two extremes arising from the opposites between warm and cold, soft and hard, wrinkled and smooth, organic and geometric, and natural and artificial. Within the square, the author explores the virtual order created by man. Computer motherboards floating in square depths are emerging as growing urban structures. They consist of an opaque multitude of diverse silicon wafers, placed in specific places in printed circuit boards, while the picturesque organic formations of wool, knit and air lace, spreading in a hexagonal prism, represent a completely different arrangement. Taken from nature, at the micro level they resemble atoms and cells, and at the macro level they resemble natural phenomena and constellations of stars and planets. Seemingly quite different worlds are very similar.

As a designer of textiles and clothing, Lovro Ivančić often uses textiles, nature and its processes as a medium of expression. He explores natural forms, states, uses, and their placement in different contexts. He produces new textiles with added physical properties and a different visual identity.

Photography: Maša Pirc / BIEN 2021