Zala Hrastar (SI): A walk between memories

Interweaving of colors, sound, textures and words

Clothing collection 4 silhouettes, textile book, waste textiles
1.5 x 5 m
Zala Hrastar
May 26, 2021
until August 14, 2021
Layer House
Mentors: prof. Marija Jenko, doc. mag. Katja Burger Kovič, asist. Arijana Gadžijev / Master's degree, Design of textiles and clothing, Department of Textiles, Graphics and Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana / 2020/2021

Inspired by the Pirc family, their portraits and their work, the author observed her family. She walked among her memories, leafing through the book of life and the lives of her parents. Who are they, where do they come from, where do they go? She found that they were alike - committed, persistent, hardworking and creative. A walk between memories is an intertwining of colors, textures, sound and words. It is an expression of gratitude for all that has been and for all that is yet to come. It is a family; perfect in its imperfection.
From recycled fabrics, scraps of knitwear and old sweaters, soft cotton sheets from the last century, scraps from knitting socks, and scrap curtains, she has recreated new structures, textures and fabrics. Textiles represent portraits and collages of emotions. The author believes that we are shaping, developing, changing and upgrading every day. We learn and grow.
The exhibition is accompanied by a collection of 4 silhouettes and an EP of four original compositions. They are visually complemented by a textile book.

Zala Hrastar graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana in 2020, and is currently attending the 1st year of her master’s degree in Textile and Clothing Design. During her studies, she presented herself at the Ljubljana Fashion Week, at the largest textile fair Heimtextil in Frankfurt, and was also a finalist in the STYLO 2019 competition in Koper.

Co-workers: Aljaž Hrastar, Nejc Podobnik (music co-creation)

Photography: Maša Pirc / BIEN 2021