The space that connects the Layer House programme is a cosy café with an outdoor terrace and garden. You are invited for a coffee in the tranquillity of the city, away from the views from the main street.

Layer Café is one of the cosiest cafés in the old part of Kranj, with a beautiful view of Šmarjetna mountain and Škrlovec Tower. In the warmer months, the terrace is the venue for many events: concerts, dance and literary evenings, lectures and exhibition openings. Layer Café offers a wide range of catering, including warm drinks, fine wines, excellent craft beers and a variety of cocktails. It is connected by a staircase to the Cherry Garden, which offers space for a variety of events, outdoor art installations, weddings and private parties in the shade of a mighty cherry tree.



The terrace is surrounded by two murals

David Almajer:
Layer Club Special, 2017
(in front of the tower), on the photo
Tim Pregrad:
Belted Waters, 2017
(behind the stage)

prijava na layer obvestila

prijava na medijska obvestila