Artist-in-residence: Collage X Music

Layerjeva hiša x KAOS festival of contemporary collage x music residences Dvocikel invites visual and collage artists to participate in 10 day international artist residence in the city of Kranj, which will take place between June 22nd and July 2nd 2019. 

Artist residence combines music and visual art. The selected artist will have 10 days to collaborate with Slovenian band FUTURSKI with the intention of the final show at Layer house, which will mark the opening of Festival of contemporary collage KAOS. Show will be repeated also on July 1st in the city of Ljubljana. 

How it works?
→ artist spends 10 days in Layer house and collaborates with the band and creates visualization for the final shows
→ visual approaches to the presentation of music is personal decision of the artist
→ Layer house provides equipment listed here: projection screen, projection, overhead projector, video mixer and camera above work surface on which artist can make live collages
→ AIR Layer will cover artist’s travel costs up to 200 EUR and material costs up to 200 EUR
→ artist will be accommodated in an apartment with equipped kitchen and given a studio to work in; with the band they will work in a music venue Škrlovec Tower

How to apply?
→ check your summer plans and make sure you are available from June 22nd and July 2nd
→ listen to EP Synthetic Hapiness by Futurski:
→ repeat
→ choose a single and make a collage interpretation of it (choose your own art concept, format and collage technique)
→ send the collage artwork together with the name of the selected song, your short CV and motivation letter to with the email subject: APPLICATION FOR AIR COLLAGE X MUSIC_NAME_SURNAME

All the applications and collages will be examined by jury, consisting of the members of Futurski band and art directors of Festival KAOS. Deadline for applications is April 15th 2019. 

About Futurski: 
Slovenian four member band creates futuristic sound with a hint of dream-pop, which in intervals transfers to dark chillwave. Cosmic sound is created with synthesizers, which are played by all bend members, two girls and two boys. On the moments estranged sound image from far away future is mixed with melodious lines of retro effects.

About Festival of contemporary collage KAOS: 
International festival of collage on the main exhibition venue represents over 100 contemporary collage artists, which represent diverse understanding of the use of collage technique in the world. In accompanying programme festival offers free workshops for adults, youth and children, connects curators and represents fresh approaches to unite different genres, visual and music ones. It takes place annually from the end of June to mid August and represents one of the most important summer art exhibitions in the region. Festival is organized by Layer house and the residence is part of Dvocikel series.