CUTOUT: Scream in Silence

CUTOUT Collage Festival: Scream in Silence@cutout.festival Mergentaler Street Gallery of Layer House and TAM-TAM  Artists: Mila Cheprasova, Anhelina Datsiuk, Olga Drozd, Yulia Fareniuk Chloe, Maryna Gerdiy, Eva Holts,

Silence on the eye

A world that flees, escapes, slips between someone’s fingers. A humanity, who is like a crowd of individuals rushing forward at the same playful pace,

Silence in chaos

To seek silence in the midst of chaos and to find artistic expressive forms in the collage technique does not mean looking exclusively for a

Conversations with silence

Conversation with art is for some a conversation with an acquaintance, others with a stranger. Art may be silent, but at the same time its

No time for silence

Chaos. Silence. Two conceptual entities on different shores of the wide sea on which humanity sails. It is capital and is an all-encompassing constant flow

The touch of silence

Touch is one of the basic elements of art. A work of art, be it instantaneous, fluid or static, touches – mentally, physically, visibly, tactilely.