Hysteria Project: Open Call for Storytellers

KAOS 2022 Festival of Contemporary Collage
June 11 and 12 2022
Layer House

The Hysteria Project is looking for people with menstrual and pelvic disorders to come and share their stories in a safe, one-on-one setting while the creator, Rachael Jablo, is in Kranj for the KAOS Festival. Your stories will be anonymized and become part of The Hysteria Project’s archive and Jablo will make a collage portrait of your reproductive system to illustrate your experience on the website. Examples of conditions that we’re looking for: endometriosis, PCOS, reproductive cancers, STIs, genetic disorders that affect the reproductive system, etc. The Hysteria Project is open to all people assigned female at birth.

To learn more about the project and see the archive and the collages, please visit the website at hysteriaproject.org and to learn more about Rachael Jablo and see more of her work, go to rjablo.com.

You can also apply for a zoom meeting and determine the date later. 

Apply: rljablo@gmail.com