KAOS 2020: About tomorrow

KAOS 2020: About tomorrow 
Layer House, Kranj
9. 7.-9. 8. 2020

OPENING: Thursday, July 9th
at 1 PM: Guided tour
at 8 PM: Official Opening

KAOS artists in residence:
Eva Mlinar: Round Table of Picky Readers + The Bête Noire Vignettes + The Arhitecture Diaries
Karol Kuhar: Fragments of a time
Anja Kranjc: Invisibly Visible

KAOS solo exhibitions:
Anna Rosa Tomšič Jacobs: Consciousness of the Land
Anka Kočevar: Illustrations of Trees
Lucija Rosc: Games (curator: Hana Čeferin)
Hana Černivec: Litter
William Blomstedt: Postcards For the Next Quarantine

Art installation in space:
Lara Papov: When You See Me Again It Won’t Be Me
& Artists of the open call “About Tomorrow”:
Emilio Fuentes Traverso, Brut Carniollus, Bep Broos, Steve Braun, Laura Quevedo, Taty Arruda, Hilal Tursoluk, Barbara Henri, Curtis Bergesen, Christina Klemeshova, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Sonia Otero, María Aparicio Puentes, Lidia Leme, Špela Fridau, Kosmo Nauty, Demetrio Di Grado, Alison Kurke, Maša Rojec, Lucero Alomía, Milica Lilić, Gabriella Saiello, Lo Súper, Alessandro Marzola, Kiki Gonzalez and O.K. Puhlmann , Graham Hutchinson, Virginia Lorenzetti, Marcelo Wasem, Irina Sevostyanova, Nela Poberžnik, Olga Kirsanova, Ida Csapó, Katjuša Stare, Flore Edharz, Bagrat Arazyan, Mojca Senegačnik, Nuša Zupanc, Michelle Concetta Parchini

Collagistas Festival/2019/Brussels:
Alan Murphy, Aline Helmcke, Anastasia Glas, Christian Gastaldi, Claudio Beorchia, Jens Wortmann, Jorge Chamorro, Lida Driva, Rhed Fawell, Silvia Beltrami, Stéphanie Herremans, Steve Tierney

The selection of collages of open call “Drowning Culture”:
Kai Holland & Taher Jaoui, Anna Sandalaki, Clive Knights, Filipa Valenčić, Jorge Chamorro, Josipa Tadić, Kosmo_nauty, Olga Casanova, Martin Došek, Yar Kirsanov, Tamara Ablameiko, Rocio Romero, Martina Charaf, Jordan Wood, Arnau Casanoves

Maruša Štibelj, Zala Orel

Layerjeva hiša, Stolp Škrlovec, Malherca, Medprostor, Galerija Na mestu, Mergentalerjeva galerija Layerjeve hiše in Inštituta TAM-TAM, Češnjev vrt, zid pred Mestno knjižnico Kranj


This year’s international festival of contemporary collage KAOS takes place in Kranj between 9th July and 9th August. We find ourselves in a situation where we are only acquainted with the reality of today as tomorrow can change in an instant. That is why this summer we are mainly presenting the domestic collage art. Special surprises in public space are prepared by artists Eva Mlinar, Anja Kranjc and Karol Kuhar. Anna Rosa Tomšič Jacobs, Anka Kočevar, Lucija Rosc, Hana Černivec and William Blomstedt who will present themselves at the Layer House and Medprostor. We are collaborating with the Collagistas festival with an exhibition of selected collages performed by last year’s festival edition – Collagistas/2019/Brussels: Universal Language. In the Škrlovec Tower, the installation of a photographic collage is being prepared by Lara Papov, who is connected in a spatial dialogue with the collages of the international open call About Tomorrow. In the Na mestu Gallery we will exhibit selected works from the open call Drowning Culture made during the Covid lockdown.

When we think about tomorrow, while faced with a drowning culture and the degradation of the natural environment, we can find a universal language in collage. A world broken into pieces, shattered realities and reflections of a time, tells new stories with new meanings. From yesterday to tomorrow, from the past to the future, from generation to generation, the constant is always a subject to a change. Global, common, and intimate, only ours. The visual language of the artists in the exhibition is diverse and is aware of the many possibilities offered by the collage technique.

Production: Carnica Institute

Co-production: Inštitut TAM-TAM, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj

Co-finanaced by: City Municipality of Kranj