konS ≡ Sound collage workshop

Sound collage workshop
Saturday, June 11, at 11 a.m.
Start: Layer House

When creating music, the prevailing belief is that it requires a lot of technical equipment and resources, which is not necessarily true in every way – we can create music in many very creative ways. With the widespread use of smartphones, users have quickly learned to express themselves through photography, and in a similar way, it is now possible to create music today.The aim of the workshop is to show young people how to create their own (pop) song with minimal resources and accessible technology, while we will try to encourage young people to create and innovate in their own way, without huge amounts of money for technical equipment, studios and other conventional elements. .We will first exchange views on what music is, what music is not, what ways we create music we know, and the like. We will then go to the field, where we will find and record the sounds from which we will create and record our own song at the end of the workshop, when we return to the “studio”. At the same time, through a conversation about music, we will explore the emotions and emotions that young people face and teach them to express them through sound. In addition to the mentioned activities, a relaxed approach to creation and improvisation will be of key importance at the workshop, which in many ways opens up new self-confidence and expression in the individual. Participants do not need prior knowledge and knowledge of music.

Applications: rezervacije@layer.si
Age: 12+
Max no. participants: 10
Price: 8 €

Mentor: Jaka Berger

More about: https://jakaberger.com/