Workshop on World Collage Day
Layer’s house
Saturday, May 14 at 11 a.m.

In the workshop, we will learn the basics of making a mosaic. We will get to know and learn to use the tools and materials needed to make them. We will use old discarded ceramics and glass – a colorful chaotic pile of discarded rubbish that calls for a new life. By arranging pieces of different shapes and colors, we will create new compositions that paint a new image in the rhythm of silence. The workshop will be mentored by Satya Pene, a graduate student of ALUO and an artist who studies and connects the field of ceramics with graphics and textiles.

Apply on:
Age: 15+
Max number of participants: 10
Duration of the workshop: 3h
Price: 8€
We will provide all the material needed.
Recommended protective equipment: goggles and gloves.