Mountain and sea zines / Open call

Mountain and sea zines
KAOS open call for art works

Curators: Urška Alič (SI) and Bruno Butorac (HR)
International festival of contemporary collage KAOS, which is organized by Layer house from June 28th to August 13th 2019, invites artists, designers and visual artists to collaborate on exhibition of mountain and sea zines. Exhibition will be part of the big art project of Festival KAOS, on which participate more than 100 international artists. Opening of the zines exhibition will be in Mahlerca gallery in Layer house in the city of Kranj on  Tuesday July 2nd. Exhibition will be hosted also in gallery SKC in the city of Rijeka in Croatia. 
Artists from all around the world can apply to open call. Applied zine has to follow some criteria (for enthusiasts like you this is more a creative challenge) as follows: 
Zine has to be of a smaller scale (up to 40 pages) and in smaller dimensions (up to A5)
Zine has to be made in collage technique (your chosen mixed technique is optional, also it’s your decision to choose between digital and analog collage) 
Zine should address themes connected to mountains or sea 
Selection of applied zines on themes connected to mountains will be done by Urška Alič, Master of graphic engineering. She works in the field of graphic design and screen printing and is an active member of Riso Paradiso Collective. She lives and works in the foothills of Alps, in Jereka village close to Lake Bohinj. 

Selection of applied zines on mountain themes will be done by Bruno Butorac. He works in the field of screen printing, illustration, collage and zines. In the free time he likes to dip his legs in the sea and read greek drama plays. He lives on Adriatic coast in Bakar village close to Rijeka. 

Zines should be sent until May 6th on the following adress: Layerjeva hiša, Tomšičeva 32, 4000 Kranj with postscript: FOR MOUNTAIN AND SEA ZINES OF FESTIVAL KAOS. Together with zines you should send also the following data: name, surname, contact number, email address, title of the zine, CV in 100 signs and 100 signs long description of the zine. Very important – please make it clear if it is a mountain zine or sea zine. Attention – we don’t send zines back to you (but you are very welcome to visit us on the Festival of collage KAOS between June 28th and August 13th 2019, in the opposite case zines will become part of the library of zines in Layer house). We will send the catalogue KAOS 2019 to all authors of selected zines to author’s address  and on author’s expanses.