Music x KAOS

>>> FUTURSKI ft. Tatjana Kotnik (live collage)
Friday June 28th at 9 pm @ Layer House Terrace Kranj
Monday July 1st at 9 pm @ Klub rečnih kapitanov Ljubljana (under Prule bridge) → Album Release Party

Free entrance

FUTURSKI and visual artist Tatjana Kotnik will present the outcome of their music x collage collaboration of artist-in-residency at Layer House. Album Release Party of FUTURSKI’s new album “Emotional Tourist” published in June 2019 will take place under the Prule bridge in Ljubljana.

>>> Lorca, you and I
Layer House Terrace
Saturday, June 29th 9 pm

Free entrance

Poetry, music and dance by the Roma from Spain, the Balkans and Eastern Europe will be interwoven in this encounter by the vocalist and musician Katja Šulc and the flamenco dancer Urška Centa, as they will be joined by the accomplished Slovenian jazz musician Robert Jukič on double bass.

Katja Šulc – vocals
Urška Centa – dance, palmas, vocals
Robert Jukič – double bass

>>> Lullabies for Daydreamers
Layer House Terrace
Sunday June 30th 9 pm

Free Entrance

This project by the guitarist Urške Supej, building bridges between music and poetry, will this time be created together with the vocalist Maša But. Their original music and poetry will be swimming in the waters of standard jazz, pop and folk music, wishing to bring daydreamers where they can feel at home. On the stage, they will be joined by double bass, drums, trumpet and saxophone.

>>> Čompe (25 years) ∣ 11th SubArt festival
Layer House Terrace
Tuesday, July 2nd 9pm

Tickets: 15 eur presale / 18 eur on the day of the concert
Tickets available: and in Cafe Layer

A great anniversary, quarter of a century, requires a great monument. This concert will be a glorious memorial to the greatest Slovenian band with the smallest amount of records published. They’ve been making noise through all these years but recorded exactly one album. 25 years of songs about the Human Fish, crows, vagrants, flowers of the night, turnips, Frenchmen … and potatoes!

>>> James Blood Ulmer (US) ∣ 11th SubArt festival – CANCELLED!
Layer House Terrace
Wednesday, July 3rd 9pm

Tickets: 15 eur presale / 18 eur on the day of the concert
Tickets available: and in Cafe Layer

He’s one of the greatest guitarists of the past four decades and is also considered to be one of the finest blues musicians in the world. His body of work is tremendous and his metamorphoses reach from an early avant-garde jazz visionary of Ornette Coleman’s school to older protagonists of Afro-American music dialects, bringing together African rhythms, urban jazz, country blues, psychedelic rock, funk and sounds that even heavy metal fans would be jealous of.

>>> Tinariwen ∣ 11th SubArt festival
Thursday, July 4th 9pm
Trainstation Subart openair

Tickets: 22 eur presale / 26 eur on the day of the concert
Tickets available:

Tinariwen are the most accomplished desert blues rock band in the world and has been creating music for 40 years already. The band comes from the Northern part of Mali and its seven members are the Tuareg who escaped the violence of government forces from the South and found shelter in various refugee camps in the neighbouring countries. They are famous world-wide and have won the prestigious Grammy award.