This year’s 5th edition of KAOS International Festival of Contemporary Collage will take place in Kranj between May 31 and August 10 with a central exhibition, art residencies, murals, workshops, artist talks and evening concerts. The exhibition program will offer current artistic production in the field of collage of invited artists and of those, selected in an open call.

The central theme BENEATH THE SURFACE focuses on the manifestation of human emotions in today’s complex world, where true emotions often remain beneath the surface due to societal expectations, stereotypical connotations, saturation, or a lost connection with oneself. The central theme collaborates with collage as a medium that is multi-layered and consequently full of depth, turning to the viewer with a narrative, allowing juxtaposition, subtlety, expressionism, and ambiguity. It invites the viewer to recognize various feelings during a gallery visit, not just positive ones. KAOS 2024 places a special focus on works that are experimental, antagonistic, and nihilistic in nature. 

KAOS 2024 opens 2 open calls for collage works:

1.OPEN CALL FOR ART IN A BOX: Liminal places

Deadline for submission: March 31, 2024

The open call invites all collage artists from European Union member states to explore the concept of three-dimensional collage in the form of assemblage, relating to the theme Beneath the Surface: Liminal places

About assemblage and miniatures:
Assemblage miniatures are hybrid spaces, transitional places where things begin to function as images, and images have the power of reality. Collage and assemblage share a magical moment in which two images meet and create something new in a continuous state of emergence. Our perception and memories are set in motion. The miniature contains only fragments, our mind operates from there outward, remembering, understanding, imagining.

>> Specifications of the call, application form, and more information about the call are available at the LINK <<

Jury for selection of works
María Elisa Quiaro is a Venezuelan visual artist living in Germany. With a multidisciplinary approach involving collage, photography, assemblage, and painting, Quiaro conceptualizes the image of constructed reality through abstraction and deconstruction. 


Deadline for submission: April 30, 2024

The open call invites all collage artists from around the world to submit their works created in the technique of digital collage, relating to the central theme BENEATH THE SURFACE.

About the exhibition venue
The selected works from the open call will be exhibited in the basement of the Kranj Town Hall, which is one of the finest Renaissance mansions in Slovenia from the 16th and 17th centuries.

>> Specifications of the call, application form, and more information about the call are available at the LINK <<

Jury for selection of works
Andrej Štular is a multimedia artist active in various fields of visual arts: illustration, comics, video, film, sculpture, painting, puppetry, and photography. He is a member of the Strip Core comic collective and Nebo puppet theater and has been active in the field of art since the mid-80s. He regularly exhibits his works both domestically and abroad, participating in numerous art festivals worldwide.

Maruša Štibelj is the artistic director of the KAOS festival. She graduated in fine arts pedagogy from the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana. She exhibits her collages in solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. In 2018, she received the jury award at the Salon of Fine Arts in Paris for her work “Chronically late.” In her work, she creates new relationships from the fragments of old stories, problematizing various relationship issues. She constantly seeks to expand the boundaries of collage as a self-sufficient medium while preserving the original spectrum of colors that the material possesses. She is a member of ZDSLU and the Kranj Fine Arts Society.



Photo of art work should be addressed in the following order: title of collage, name and surname of artist, size of art work, year of production. In between words use minus sign (-) or underscore (_), BUT NO WHITESPACES (upload will fail in that case). Example of correct name: title-of-work_peter-pan_120x213_2019.jpg

Photos should be in JPG, in 300 dpi resolution and with shorter side minimum 1600 px/15 cm.