2nd International Contemporary Collage Festival
Kranj, Slovenia

Exhibition / June 28th – August 13th

Opening times

28 June 2019 → 6pm–11pm
28 June–4 July 2019 → Tue–Sat 10am–11pm,  Sun 4pm–11pm, Mon. closed
5 July–13 August 2019 → Tue–Sat 11am–7pm, Sun 4pm–7pm, Mon. closed


Daily programme  / June 28th – July 4th


Friday 28 June

6pm KAOS Exhibition Opening: Leftovers / Layer House, Škrlovec Tower, In-between Space
9pm concert Futurski ft Tatjana Kotnik + live collage / Layer House Terrace
After party @ Trainstation SubArt: Dj Ogi (Hrvaška), Veztax, Lilson, Prio, techno / Trainstation SubArt

Saturday 29 June

10 am Bill Noir: Chaosmos, workshop / In-between Space / for children (5+) and adults
12am Ballad of film and collage, opening of the exhibition with movie poster collages and original posters for movies by France Štiglic / Spot on Street Gallery
6:30pm Lula Valletta: Get gaga with dada, workshop / In-between Space (14+)
9pm Lorca, me and you – poetry, music and dance / Layer House Terrace

Sunday 30 June

6pm Laute production: Original animated films made by children / Škrlovec Tower / for children and adults (5+)
6.30pm Tinca Veerman: Homo Sapiens 2064, workshop / In-between Space / for children and adults (5+)
8pm Guided tour with the curator Petra Čeh / Layer House
9pm Lullabies for Daydreamers, jazz concert / Layer House terrace

Monday 1 July

9pm Futurski ft. Tatjana Kotnik, concert + live collage → Klub rečnih kapitanov, Opekarska 8, Ljubljana

Tuesday 2 July

6pm Eugenia Conde: Collage is the answer … eventually, workshop / In-between Space (14+)
7:30pm Opening of large-size collage murals / Mergentaler Street Gallery, Podrtina, Trainstation Subart
9 pm Čompe (25 years), concert / Layer House Terrace

Wednesday 3 July

6:30pm Marta Živičnjak: Decollage, workshop / In- between Space (14+)
9pm James Blood Ulmer, blues concert / Layer House Terrace –  CANCELLED!

Thursday 4 July

6:30pm Guided tour of the exhibitions with Maruša Štibelj and Zala Orel
9pm Tinariwen, concert / Trainstation Subart

SubArt Festival / Trainstation Subart

Friday 5 July 8pm →  Brkovi, Valter Svira Parafe, Sereš, Wasted Time
Saturday 6 July 7pm→  Local scene: Raggalution, Nature, Didge, Neuromancer, Grimase, Nesit, March of War + techno/psy DJ-i SkokniPaLokni, Necropsi, Ofnana_pesa, Douchean
Monday 8 July 8pm  →  Siberian Meat Grinder, Total Chaos

         Tuesday 13 August

3.30pm Collage x screenprint, Squeegee workshop / Layer House

7pm Guided tour with the curator Petra Čeh on the last day of the exhibition

Tuesday 3 September

 8pm Mountain and Sea Zines, exhibition hosting at Rijeka / Gallery SKC Rijeka, Croatia