Two workshops on Collage Day 2019

Layer house

Sat, May 11th

at 5 pm: Film posters workshop

at 6.30 pm: Cut out poetry of cut out thoughts, workshop

As pre-event of the KAOS festival we are organizing two collage workshops that will took place on May 11th – Collage Day 2019 in Layer house:

KAOS festival will this year partly focus on Slovenian film director France Štiglic. In Layer house there will be a Film posters workshop with France Štiglic theme as this year it is 100th anniversary of his birth, also we will commemorate another director from Kranj, Boštjan Hladnik as this year it is 90th anniversary of his birth.

On workshop cut out poetry of cut out thoughts collage and poetry will go hand in hand. Participants will try to take them on a common journey. They will transfer the way of creating collages to poetry and from images that they will find try to experiment with creation of their thoughts and feelings.Participants will cut out words, mix them, create fresh connections and decode new world of cut out poetry. Mentor of the workshop is Maruša Štibelj, collage artist and art director of KAOS festival.