Kiki Gonzalez & O.K. Puhlmann (AT)

Kiki Gonzalez is a Graz/Austria based photographer, artist and visual anthropologist. As a flâneuse and passionate collector of objects and fragmented stories Kiki is observing the fabric of everyday life and sees documentation as a form of intervention. Started as a Fairytale-Express locomotive driver she is now a member of various art associations and co-founder of the secret Autotune 8020 society project.

O.K. Puhlmann is a mixed media artist, flâneur and collector of things currently living in Graz/Austria. Exploring the pointlessness he is taking inspiration from media samples, found footage and pop culture. His output is sometimes understandable – sometimes not. O.K. Puhlmann is founder of the multi-perspective artspace PW allateur and a member of the international wander society.

Vreča iz jute (srebrna edicija) / Jute Beutel (silver edition) (2020)
Kiki Gonzalez & O.K. Puhlmann (AT)
Digitalni foto kolaž / Digital photo collage
174 x 156 cm