Lara Papov

When You See Me Again It Won’t Be Me


Škrlovec Tower 

In her installation of a photographic collage, which occupies a part of the Škrlovec Tower, Lara Papov enters into a spatial dialogue with the collages of the international open call About Tomorrow.

Does the photograph, once it is taken, assume its final form, or is this just the beginning of a potential for imitation?

In the modern age of hyper-production, we are constantly being bombarded with visual images/pictures from all kinds of directions. Due to the amount of information, our brain focuses only on fragments, details, patterns excluded from the whole; it selects what we find important and/or what attracts our attention. The remaining information is distorted or lost. But the information that touches us is used to create an image – the perception of our own reality.

At the core of Lara Papov’s installation are photographs taken by her grandfather from Kranj who was an amateur photographer all his life. As he always stored his photos, a huge collection of albums and positive slides has accumulated over time. Lara Papov set out to explore her personal history and the story of her grandfather. She went through the photos and somehow restored them, gave them another chance, revived them. Within his reality, she created an image of her own reality. Within this, however, visitors can again create their new narratives.

Lara Papov is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. In 2016, she participated in a group exhibition at the AVA Academy and in the Tree project (MGML), which was exhibited on billboards along the Jakopič Promenade in Ljubljana. In the same year, her work BUSS STOP, created in collaboration with Gregor Rozman, was selected and presented at the Indigo Festival (MGML). In 2018, she participated in the group exhibition called Warm-Up-Opening (AVA), the S01E01 group exhibition organized by the Gallery 7:069 in Velenje, and had her diploma exhibition AVA 10 in the Equrna gallery. She also participated in the international exhibition – Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans 2019 in Kiribati. Her last exhibition was solo, S T A C C A T O at the P74 Gallery in Ljubljana.