Martin Došek

“The world is complex. We are influenced by a lot of stimuli and information in which we are kind of lost, symbols, archetypes, religions, messages … And we don’t even know ourselves. We try to map everything and find our way through this chaos.” Martin Došek (1967) has been creating and exhibiting collages since the 1990s. He takes his material from magazines, whose visual aspects convey a recent image of our world; in this source he is able to find the essence of processes, relationships, and hidden connections. 

Each collage gives the impression of a cut from a music video, a film screened just once in time, or an exceptionally precise memory of a midnight dream. Došek is interested in collage because it is an entirely free form. This is not some pop art décollage, but rather a genuine, properly old- -school surrealist obsession.