Nieves Mingueza

Speaking with friends and family, Nieves Mingueza was shocked to discover how many had

experienced or witnessed gender-based violence and intimidation. Such stories are currently

coming to light, with the encouragement of feminist movements such as #metoo, availability of data and a newly interested media. One in Three Women is a fragmented visual, textual and cinematic assemblage which unfolds the subject of gender violence over different chapters. Mingueza uses a multitude of image types in this work; from cinematic lo-fi exposures of domestic interiors, emulated forensic crime scene shots, and found photographic material, to collages created from family photo albums and texts taken from UN data. The visuals represent the tension between the increasing visibility of violence against women and girls in general and the persistent invisibility of such abuse in everyday life. In addition, the project addresses wider gender issues such the male gaze, and power dynamics within society. 

Nieves Mingueza (1971) is a Spanish-British artist. Her conceptually driven and intimate practice often interweaves images with research, documentary photography, archival material, collage, text, film, sound, and installation. Bridging the space between the personal and political, she explores and activates the archives to address social and gender issues.

In 2019 her first monograph book was published by IIKKI books editorial. Her work has

been exhibited widely and reviewed by multiple magazines. Educated to MA level in Documentary Photography, she regularly contributes to conferences and workshops.