Virginia Lorenzetti


Virginia Lorenzetti (1998) is an Italian artist and Master student based in Rome, currently studying at the HFBK Dresden, Germany. Her research aims to achieve balance in the image, investigate aspects of her reality, and offer a reflective and delicately dramatic vision. The favourite medium is paper, which allows her to create thin and evanescent structures. The purpose of her work revolves around research and experimentation on the graphic sign and moves through drawing, engraving, collage and embroidery. Likewise, she carries on her researches on natural dyeing techniques on different types of paper and fabrics. The work Self-Portrait is an ongoing process, it testifies to a passage. Project lays its foundations on the attempt to get out of a condition of controlled and impersonal order, trying to reach a state of chaos. Chao is not destructive or disorienting: it is a condition which allows you to overcome your limits, trying to find stimuli that break the state of (un)confortable equilibrium.