William Blomstedt

Postcards For the Next Quarantine 

Venue: In-between Project Space

One day in March we were abruptly shut in. No more coffees, no more concerts, no more birthdays. Interpersonal communication went digital. Or just stopped. We existed in our bubbles, watching the numbers climb and the headlines grow worse. The postal workers continued their service. They have always carried collages of William Blomstedt across the world. But this was the proper time to get a piece of physical mail. He sent collages to friends and family to say: We are still here. We are in this together. These are communications for the next quarantine. When will that be? In the autumn? In 30 years? During this exhibition? Time will tell.

William Blomstedt is a geographer, beekeeper, and writer. Born in the USA, he graduated from Dartmouth College and worked for a decade as a migratory beekeeper across the world. He first came to Slovenia on a Fulbright scholarship to study bees in 2010 and settled here in 2015. He has published dozens of articles on bees as well as short fiction and travel writing. Foraging Afar, a book detailing his bee travels was published in 2018. He also produces Tube(son): a monthly ‘sound collage’ show on Radio Študent.