Collage and sound workshop for children and adults
Saturday, June 25, at 10 a.m.
Layer house

Designed specifically for children, teens or adults, our workshops aim to open up the practice of performance by making it a collective and participatory activity. The themes proposed are the conservation of wildlife, climate change and the theme of the self-portrait. During the workshops the participants learn to create a narrative that arises from the simultaneous exchange between sound and image, using their creativity and imagination in a practical way. After a phase of research, discussion, drawing and collective writing, we move on to the practical phase of going on a sound walk and collecting sound samples, imitating the sounds of nature, writing rhyming texts and arranging them in a melody; as for the visual part, the participants are guided in drawing and planning the characters and in their transformation into self-propelled puppets. The workshops end with a short performance of the work done.

Applications: rezervacije@layer.si
Age: 8+
Max number of participants: 10
Duration of the workshop: 4h

The mentors of the workshop are Cecilia Valagussa and Marta Del Grandi, who work under the artistic name Fossick Project.

You are invited to come to their concert the night before, June 24, at Layer House. The entrance is free.
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