četrtek, 24. 08. 2017
- nedelja, 27. 08. 2017

Rekreatur is a cycle event which allows you to explore Gorenjska region by bike. Each day during four days, you will cycle in a different route and you will go through Slovenian roads. This is the opportunity for you to visit the land of Slovenia and be amazed by its nature.

In total 254 km will be achieved, but do not worry, this is just a figure. Immerged in a friendly environment with cycle lovers you will definitely do not feel those kilometres and you will enjoy your time among the team.

Here is the daily program :

>>> Prologue :

To prepare yourself, we will start with a prologue of 4km in the city of Kranj. It will be a good training to warm you up. Going around Kranj, you will be able to enjoy the cute streets and its surroundings while cycling.

Thursday, 24.08, 7.00pm – 8.00/30pm

>>> 1st stage :

This first full day comprises 92 km. Intensity goes with greater reward, beautiful routes are waiting for you to be cycled. Supported by your team, you will surely not feel those kilometres, once more, kilometres are only figures.

Friday, 25.08, 9.00am – 6.30/7.30pm

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