The Bugs

Hybrid exhibition

Nora Brbić, Tea Dragić, Doriana Duić, Emma Stephanie Gaunt, Judita Jerković, Iva Kavelj, Karla Kos, Antonela Kutleša, Dora Mašanović, Ana Majdandžić, Melani Međeši, Ines Milić, Nives Skelin, Giorgia Pezzolato, Karmen Polović, Vicko Racetin, Magdalena Stojanov, Sara Šumanović, Marija Zrilić
April 30, 2021
until May 21, 2021
Mergentaler street gallery / online
Inspired by Franz Kafka

The project has been realized in the summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021 within the course Applied Costume Design III and Costume Design under the mentorship of doc. dr. art. Ivana Bakal and doc. art. Marin Sovar in cooperation with assistant mag. ing. des. Tex. Sanja Jakupec and expert associate dipl. Ing. Đurđica Kocijančič. It was developed for the first public presentation as part of the annual exhibition program for BIEN 2021, the first biennial textile exhibition in Kranj. The project is inspired by Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis.

The project is created with materials donated by the company Prostoria, Sveti Križ Zacretje, Croatia. First-year student of costume design Paul Peloza has participated in several exhibited works as a make-up and hairstyle artist.

On the cover photo:
Title: PIERIS RAPAE (2021)
Student / Fashion designer: ANTONELA KUTLEŠA
Student / Costume designer: JUDITA JERKOVIĆ

Models: Paulina Obajdin and Marin Sovar
Photo: doc. dr. art. Ivana Bakal
Make up & Hairstyle: Paula Peloza
Shooting location: Botanical garden Faculty of Science, Zagreb

The bugs project is a part of graduate study of Textile and Fashion Design, Costume Design, Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb.