Škrlovec Tower
5. 7. – 14. 8. 2018

A considerable part of the festival is dedicated to the exhibition in the Škrlovec Tower, where the artists chosen for the international open call intituled “What if…” will be presented. By the 12 th of May 222 artists using collage techniques in their work applied. The participation is international; the works are up to three years old. Therefore, the exhibition will highlight the heterogeneity typical of the contemporary collage and of contemporary visual production in a broader international region in general. The installation will take into account the formal characteristics and the conceptual contents and by doing so the exhibition will be an organised chaos of fine arts challenges and ideas. Last but not least, the first edition of the festival will provide some guidelines on how to think collage and its presentation.

Jury: Maja Antončič (curator of exhibition), Claudio Beorchia (collage artist from Italy) and LANE (collage artist and cofounder of the Collagistas festival from Greece)

55 selected artists:

Nicolas Hecquet, France

Marta Živičnjak, Croatia

Maja Zaplotnik, Slovenia

Grzegors Łoznikow, Poland

Bruno Butorac, Croatia

Joana Coccarelli, Brasil

Miroslav Cukovic, USA

Silvia Wladimirski Barenboim, Spain

Christine Voelk, Germany

Eugenia Conde Maria, Spain

Lidija Ferenčak, Croatia

William Turmeau, France

Floriana Di Giorgio, Italy

Holger Becker, Germany

Jeronim Batista Rosa Chaveiro, Portugal

Klaudie Hlavata, Checz Republic

Anna Sandalaki, Greece

Nina Fraser, Great Britain

Simon van der Stegen, Belgium

Tina Dempsey, Great Britain

Lidija Zajdzinska, Poland

Avi Yair, Israel

Marta Janik, Poland

Radoslav Golubovic, Srbia

Maria Andrade, Portugal

Grasa and Carlos Quiterio, Portugal

Denis Kollasch, Germany

Paola Lesina, Italy

Kai Holland, Germany

Tinca Veerman, Netherlands

Martin Došek, Checz Republic

Constantino Chaidalis, Greece

Mariano Alonso, Argentina

Pasquale de Sensi, Italy

Phil Carney, Great Britain

Sophie Vanhomwegen, Belgium

Antoni Hidalgo, Spain

Joanna Zajec Slapničar, Poland

Dora Bakek, Croatia

Miha Brinovec, Slovenia

Danila Krpič, Slovenia

Andreja Eržen, Slovenia

Matija Medved, Slovenia

Staša Guček, Slovenia

Pavel Tanko, Slovenia

Vasko Vidmar, Slovenia

Monika Slemc, Slovenia

Iva Tratnik, Slovenia

Janko Kastelic, Slovenia

Tanja Špenko, Slovenia

Kaja Urh, Slovenia

Bolezen naših dni (artist group) (exhibition Collage in the Artist book)

Francesca Sacco, Italy (exhibition Collage in illustration and design)

Marina Markovic, Srbia (exhibition Collage in the Artist book)

Jesicca Orec, USA (introduction to the Mail Art exhibition)

Miranda Rumina, Slovenia  (introduction to the Mail Art exhibition)

Andreja Gregorič, Slovenia (exhibition Collage in illustration and design)