Ricardo Miguel Hernandez

When the memory turns to dust is a reflective process in which Ricardo Miguel Hernandez combines the empirical, psychological and critical. He conceives the random gesture between the selection of a certain photographic document and the preconception in invoice of different stories, as a rescue practice where the apparently disposable, old or residual bear the weight of a memory that is presented to him as a pretext to recontextualize and resemantize the frozen story on photographic paper. He conscientiously manipulates, meticulously elaborates other realities, juxtaposed, assembled, mutilated, where he does not intend to disguise the traces of time on paper, nor the seams resulting from these photo collages.

Ricardo Miguel Hernandez (1984) is Cuban artist who studied at the Cátedra Arte de Conducta. He has exhibited his work in several solo exhibitions all around the world, such as in Grenze – Arsenali Fotografici, Verona; Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, Havana; and also at group exhibitions: PhotoEspaña 2020 and 2019, Madrid; FestFoto Brazil in Porto Alegre, ESMoA El Segundo Museum of Art in Los Angeles, Foto Museo 4 Caminos in México City, PAC Padiglione D Arte Contemporanea, Milano;  ZAC Zisa Arti Contemporanee in Palermo; DOX Centre For Contemporary Art; Prague, 6th Contemporary Cuban Art Salon, Havana and others.