Bernarda Conič

The work Island of Peace depicts a place where peace reigns and the sun shines, and around it a whirlwind of storms and storm lightning thunders into the sea surface. A dark storm surrounds the island but the island is still dominated by blue skies, turquoise waters and peace. We observe the storm from afar and remain calm within ourselves, just as in everyday chaos we can find silence within ourselves and not let chaos overwhelm us. Bernarda Conič – Nibera (1992) is an interdisciplinary visual artist who, as a self-employed person in culture, works in the field of fine arts, photography and graphic design. In 2011 she graduated from the Secondary School of Design and Photography, and in 2019 she obtained a master’s degree in visual communication design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. During her studies, she had over 40 public presentations of her own work in the form of exhibitions, installations, VJ performances and scenographies.