Enej Gala

Enej Gala (1990)  lives and works between London, Venice and Nova Gorica. In 2014 he was in an exchange at the William De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. In 2013 he accomplishes his B.A. and in 2015 his M.A. in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with Prof. Carlo Di Raco. He is currently attending the Royal Academy Schools Postgraduate Programme in London 2019-2023. His practice expands narration by questioning traditional perspectives on painting, performative sculpture, puppetry and video, exploring different forms of production also through frequent collaborations. His research focuses on the limits of imagination, probing fragile belongings to particular identities and rethinking conflictual rhetorics. The work feeds on the laws of perception, ruminating metaphors, like an anomaly manifested through constant frustration over what is proposed to us in any form of convention.

Repaired Objects series questions the functionality of everyday objects through the slow metamorphosis of their anatomy. Repair becomes a dubious process that never restores the object to its original state. As if key information were lost in the process, objects are evolving in unexpected directions. In OOO theories, they say that it is not possible to fully understand an object and be sure of what is going on between different objects in the absolute absence of the observer. The series takes us away from the usual assumptions, examines the possibilities of the evolution of objects, and exploits their symbolic value to extend the narrative beyond their materiality. The resulting objects are thus the result of a slow reflection on their usefulness through a timeless process of correction, especially from the point of view of misunderstanding or forgetting their primary function.