Nataša Berk

Nataša Berk (SI) – after finishing the High School of Design and Photography, she enrolled at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (Akademie der Bildenden künste, Wien), where she received her master’s degree in 2005 (new media). Berk is a versatile contemporary artist. She can be described as an ironic-provocative avant-garde existentialist with a noticeable abstract instinct. Genres and media are no limit for her as she works in different fields of art (also as a curator, gallerist, selector, collector …). Her view of art is wide open and spontaneous. Her operation is diverse. An important part of her artistic expression is also performance. It is a conceptual performance of thoughts. The sharpness of thoughts is hidden behind the humor and naivety of the child’s perception of the world.

At this year’s KAOS, in team with Jaka Berger, she will present her gif collages, short shots (loops), which she initially started creating in 2018.