Susana Blasco

Born in Spain in 1972. She is a graphic designer, illustrator and collagist. All her work, both graphic and artistic, exudes a strong symbolic load, where the central axis is the concept. Each work is an excuse to experiment, mix, stir and recreate. Very often she uses as a starting material old photographs that she rescues from street markets, small found objects and still life. She also feels a special connection with geometry, fragmentation, repetition, compulsive order and a specific chromatic range around white and ocher. After living briefly in several cities, now for 4 years she lives in Bilbao where she has set her workshop and residence. In 2017 she receives a Gràffica Award for her contributions to collage technique. At present she continues to combine her work as a designer and illustrator with her artistic side that continues to evolve. She also teaches workshops and conferences.