Year of Collage 2020

KAOS festival of contemporary collage announces the Year of Collage!

Collage artists are invited to join us in 2020 for an art residency in Kranj. When there is no KAOS in Kranj, the sky over the Alps has only two colours – blue and grey. But the collage paints the town into all the colours of the world (and maybe also of some new world) and changes it forever. This is why we wish you to be a part of this venture that will finally transform our lovely town into a city of collage.

The Layer House offers living and working conditions for artists and the residence can be concluded by an exhibition if that is the wish of the artist. Note, we enable and encourage artists to work directly on the walls and leave a permanent artwork in the house or the city. Applications are open until all the available places are filled. The residences for collage artist take place from January until December 2020.

AIR conditions:

  • The Year of collage programme is initiated by the organizer of KAOS festival, Carnica Institute. The programme is not co-financed by any public funds. We charge a fee of 125,00 EUR for one week stay. Maximum stay is 4 weeks.
  • If applicant wishes to apply for additional funds for the costs of the mobility we are happy to cooperate and assure the documents needed.
  • The accommodation is located in the 2nd floor of cultural centre of the Layer House. The studio apartment is fully equipped.
  • The working studio is located in the ground floor of the house and measures 20m2.

Additional info:
Apply here >>>