Unless otherwise indicated, events are free of charge.

Cover photo: Twee Muizen

Friday, May 26th – Tuesday, May 30th4:00 PM – 6:00 PMDr. Cene Avguštin Gallery, Kranj

Mask making workshop with guest artists from Spain, Twee Muizen.
The artists invite you to become part of the creative process of making their colorful masks. They will show you how to embroider them. You will try your hand at the tufting technique. At the end, the participants will make a joint mask that will remain in the exhibition.

Registration is recommended as the artists have 3 tufting needles available. Write to

Saturday, May 27th10:00 AM – 11:00 AMPungert Tower, Kranj


Tuesday, May 30th10:00 AMMeeting point in front of Kranj City Library

For the press and partners
In Slovene language

Wednesday, May 31st5:00 PMTunnels under the Old Kranj


Wednesday, May 31st6:00 PMLayer House, Kranj
Wednesday, May 31st8:00 PM – 10:00 PMTerrace of Layer House, Kranj
Thursday, June 1st5:00 PMMeeting point at Layer House

Guided by Zala Orel, admission: 2* / 3 EUR / registration:

Thursday, June 1st6:00 PMMeeting point at Layer House, Kranj

In English

Thursday, June 1st8:30 PMStolp Škrlovec, Kranj

Authors: Lavoslava Benčić, Tim Bučar, Simon Macuh, Sašo Puckovski

In the interactive intermediate performance, the cloak is a metaphor for clothing as a second skin that separates us and at the same time protects us from the effects of the sun, which is the largest natural generator of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The process of artistic exploration of EM radiation was provoked by association with a person who, due to his health situation, often visits physiotherapy.

The central element of the performance is an e-textile cloak that surrounds the body of the performer. This acts as a receiver of waves from EM sources, further translating them into the range of human auditory and visual perception. Natural and artificial EM waves are at work in the performance, which are transformed into a new holistic creation by harmonizing sound and image. The event involves the active participation of the audience.

The performance is at the same time a tribute to the Sun. It is approaching the peak of the eleven-year cycle of EM activity, in which the solar poles change and that is when the Sun has the greatest influence on our planet.

Friday, June 2nd5:00 PMFrance Mihelič Gallery, Škofja Loka

With carbonization, which is a way of fossilization – charring of an organism, the project looks for the intersections of cultural and geological heritage. Students of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana interpret the works of France Mihelič, one of the leading personalities of Slovenian painting of the 20th century.

The opening will also be accompanied by live student performances.

Friday, June 2nd6:00 PMMuseum Park of Škofja Loka Museum
Friday, June 2nd7:00 PM – 9:00 PMAtrium of Škofja Loka Museum
Saturday, June 3rd10:00 AM – 7:00 PMLayer House, Kranj

w. Vintage Petruša, Cats & Clothes, Ana Morena, Indigo

Saturday, June 3rd10:00 AMStolp Škrlovec, Kranj

Suitable for ages 0-3, a movement performance for the youngest, produced by the Odprti predali Institute, admission: 5 EUR / registration:

Saturday, June 3rd11:00 AM Old Town of Kranj
Tuesday, June 6th10.00 AM – 12.00 AMZoom

Tuesday, June 6th, 10-12 AM
Online; Zoom:
In English

We will explore the textile spaces and get to know international and Slovene examples. How are textile spaces organized? What community development strategies do they have? What is their special focus? How do they finance their activities?

Participants: Alessandra Tempesti (Lottozero, Prato), Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins (Stuudio Labus, Tallinn), Elsa Arnardóttir (Iceland Textile Center – TextileLab, Blönduós), Kati Sekirnik (Creative Center KreativNice Škofja Loka), Lucija Jankovec (Center Rog, tekstilni lab, Ljubljana), Margareta Čalič Vovk (Etno galerija Desetnica, Kranj)

Tuesday, June 6th19.00-20.00Stara Sava Jesenice
Wednesday, June 7th 18.00 Loški muzej Škofja Loka
Produced by Zavod Tri and knitting community Breja preja
Saturday, June 10th11.00Meeting point at Layerjeva hiša

Guided by the mentors of student productions,  admission: 2* / 3 EUR / Registration:

Tuesday, June 13th14.00

Access the Talk here:

Nnenna Okore was born in Australia, raised in Nigeria, and works in the United States. She is a Professor of Art at Chicago’s North Park University. As a Chicago art practitioner, Okore has participated in numerous participatory art projects and exhibitions designed to produce dialogue, artmaking, and an awareness of current environmental issues. She is currently involved in collaborative environmental projects across Nigeria, Australia, and the United States. Okore is a recipient of many awards and her work has been exhibited around the world. Okore’s recent exhibitions include the Triënnale Brugge exhibition in Belgium and the Chengdu Biennale in China.

Nnenna’s exhibition In/Flux is exhibited at BIEN 2023 at the Škrlovec Tower Gallery

Tuesday, June 13th17.00Škofja Loka Museum


Wednesday, June 14th

14.00 CET


Access the Talk here:

Habiba Nowrose completed her graduation in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Dhaka in 2012. Later she finished the Professional Program on Photography from the Pathshala South Asian Media institute in 2014. She is currently teaching Visual Anthropology in Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in Asia and beyond. Series Concealed was a finalist for the 2018 Invisible Photographers Asia Art Awards and the Samdani Art Award 2020.

Wednesday, June 14th17.00-19.00Atrium of Pavšler House, Main sqare Kranj
Wednesday, June 14th18.00Galerija Franceta Miheliča, Škofja Loka
Thursday, June 15th14.00 CETZoom

Access the Talk here:

Adriane Colburn is an artist based in Jersey City, New Jersey, and in Vermont. Her early works reflect a passion for mapping, abstract compositions, and visualizing systems that cannot otherwise be seen as a whole. In her recent works, this passion remains present but is intertwined with a long-standing commitment to materiality and the natural world, a fascination with global systems, history, and a deep interest in climate change. Reading, delving into archives, collaborating with scientists, and gaining experiential knowledge through field research form the foundation of her artistic practice.

Saturday, June 17th10.00-19.00Terasa Layerjeve hiše, Kranj
Saturday, June 1711.00

Meeting point Layer House

Guided by Zala Orel, admission: 2* / 3 EUR / registration:

Tuesday, June 20th and Wednesday, June 21st 10.00-16.00 Layerjeva hiša Kranj
Led by Ayşe E. Coşkun, in English, project reDiscover, for ages 16 to 21 / Registration:
Wednesday, June 21st17.00Dvorana Stolpa Škrlovec, Kranj

Suitable for 0-3 years, a motion performance for the youngest, produced by the Odprti predali Institute, admission: 5 EUR / registration:

Thursday, June 2217.00Meeting point at Kašča Škofja Loka Museum

Guided by Zala Orel / registration:

Saturday, June 2410.00-13.00Dr. Cene Avguštin Gallery, Kranj

Guided by Susana Cereja, in English / registration:

Tuesday, June 2718.00Cherry Garden of the Layer House, Kranj

Community workshop with Ela and Leo, admission: 10 EUR, / registration:

Wednesday, June 2818.00Gong Gallery Nova Gorica
Thursday, June 2920.00-21.30 Layer House Kranj

Meeting point at the Cherry Three Garden at Layer House.

First stop: Škrlovec Tower, Gallery – Interweaving of textile communities, Oloop

Second stop: Mergentaler street gallery – In transit, Ela Leko, Leo Subanović

Third stop: Cene Avguštin Gallery – Helia, Susana Cereja

Wednesday, July 5th18.00Cherry Garden of the Layer House, Kranj

Guided by Maša Pirc-Štrikula, admission: 10 EUR, / registration:

Saturday, July 810.00-12.00

Cherry Garden of the Layer House, Kranj

Led by Jasmina Ferček and Saša Hudnik / registration:

Wednesday, July 1218.00-20.00

Meeting point: Škofja Loka Castle; location: nature in the urban environment

Led by Jasmina Ferček and Nina Vastl / registration:

Sunday, July 16th16.00-19.00Češnjev vrt Layerjeve hiše, Kranj

Admission: 68 EUR / Registration:

Wednesday, August 2nd
18.00-20.00Cherry Tree Garden, Layer House Kranj

Led by Maša Pirc – Štrikula, admission fee: 10 EUR / obligatory reservations on: 

Thursday, August 318.00

Meeting point Layer House

Led by Aljaž Primožič, admission: 5 EUR / registration:

Friday, August 417.30

Meeting point Globus

Guided by Urška Sadar, admission: 2* / 3 EUR / registration:

After the guided tour kindly invited to workshop on making a hand fan.

Friday, August 418.30-20.00

Cherry Garden of the Layer House, Kranj

Led by Urška Sadar, admission: 10 EUR / registration:

Tuesday, August 8

Cherry Tree Garden, Layer House Kranj

Led by Elena Fajt, no admission fee / obligatory registration:

Wednesday, August 917.00

Meeting point at 16.50 Layer House, Kranj

Guided by: authors, admission fee: 5 EUR / meeting point at 16.50 at Layer House, Kranj / obligatory reservations on: 

Thursday, August 1012.00

Globus Kranj


Thursday, August 1016.00-19.00

Cherry Tree Garden, Layer House Kranj


Thursday, August 1017.00-18.00

Globus Kranj

Gilding of an art piece with the former workers of Tekstilindus Factory

Thursday, August 1018.00-19.30

Meeting point Layer House

Guided by Zala Orel, admission: 2* / 3 EUR / registration:

Thursday, August 1020.00-21.00

Globus Kranj




* high school students, college students, retirees



  • Guided tours of the Biennial exhibitions in Kranj for school groups are available from June 1st to June 14th, at a price of 1.5 EUR per person. For inquiries, please email
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  • For guided tours of the exhibition “underGrowth.Are the tunnels left untamed?” in the tunnels under old Kranj (up to 10 people, at a price of 6 EUR), please send an inquiry to



  • Rental of the play “Rumena pika na nebu”, for ages 0-3, a movement play for the youngest, produced by the Institute Odprti predali, please send an inquiry to
  • Workshops on integral practices in art, with mentor Lavoslava Benčić, please send an inquiry to