Collagistas Festival/2019/Brussels

Selected collages of our friends from Collagistas Festival |

A selection of collages from last year’s edition of our beloved Collagistas festival, which took place in Brussels in September, represents the global language of art. Under the umbrella theme of Universal Language, international artists have each in their unique way understood the meaning of the language that is common to us as inhabitants of the world. Instead of numbers and words, which represent the logical code of language, the creators put shapes and colours in the foreground. They play with meanings brought about by the difference between content and emptiness. If language in its most banal form is merely gossip, insignificant chatter, an operation described by experienced Zen masters merely as a loss of breath, then emptiness behaves like a highly ranked value. Silence in a picture. The selected collages are imprints of time, a reflection of the past, of some history, mostly individual history. What can become a recognizable symbol of a common language? Fragments of the collage language can be global, more broadly understood. They circulate and become recognizable symbols. New views on language are those that are universal, the ones that count when art speaks.