Leftovers of imagination

Leftovers of imagination / Ostanki domišljije

Staircase and balcony

28. 6.–13. 8. 2019

The exhibition of the illustration in the collage

Afroditi Bitzouni (GE), Ana Maraž (SI), Andrej Štular (SI), David Istvan (HU/RO), Enej Gala (SI), Irina Sevostyanova (RU), Julie Liger Belair (CA), Nina Kavzar (SI), Paulina Silva (CL/ES), Veronika Vesel Potočnik (SI)

Curator: Maruša Štibelj (SI)

Illustrations by selected authors are here playing with leftovers of imagination that are shaped into spaces, atmospheres or situations, in which beings, humans or animals, find themselves. The exhibited works are full, not afraid to fill the void and to play with endless possibilities offered by collage.