Leftovers – chaos – figure

Leftovers – chaos – figure / Ostanki – kaos – figura

Layer House Gallery

28. 6.–13. 8. 2019

Exhibition by invited artists

Andrej Štular (SI), Bill Noir (FR), Eugenia Conde (AR/ ES), Marta Živičnjak (HR), Susana Blasco (ES), Tinca Veerman (NL)

Curator: Petra Čeh (SI)

At the main exhibition of the international KAOS festival in the gallery of the Layer House, six selected artists from Spain, Argentina, the Netherlands, France, Croatia and Slovenia will be exhibiting their works. The theme that has been chosen for the name of the festival serves as a signpost showing the direction of common points that the exhibited artists share. They like to use old photographs (Susana Blasco and Eugenia Conde) or pictures from old magazines (Bill Noir). In their works, one can also find a poetic trace in which the authors make references to historically important authors, for instance to the Slovenian constructivist poet Srečko Kosovel (Andrej Štular) or find a personal memory and an emotive impulse in lyrical poems (Eugenia Conde). The essence of what we see has to be partly extracted from an abstract whole (Tinca Veerman), from inspirations of minimalism (Marta Živičnjak) or the surrealistic formation of images (Bill Noir), regardless of the fact that the figurative is always present, although merely an a melancholic reminiscence (Tinca Veerman). The artists mainly use mixed techniques, where the classical analogue approach still pervades, that is cutting and gluing (Eugenia Conde and Marta Živičnjak), while in some cases the digital presence is clearly visible (Andrej Štular, Bill Noir).

In their essence, the authors and their works have many common characteristics, therefore the exhibition functions as a coherent entity, no matter how different the styles of their series are. It is important to highlight the creation process when thinking about their work, since at the beginning its seems like an infinite chaos of sparking thoughts and ideas from which snippets of paper, images from magazines, colour surfaces and the like come together and create a composition of a work of art.