Silence on the eye

A world that flees, escapes, slips between someone’s fingers. A humanity, who is like a crowd of individuals rushing forward at the same playful pace, without stops, with their eyes closed. A silence that has become unknown to that humanity, though it has its way, wisdom, and purpose; lonely, with few listeners still desperately trying to address everyone. With white feathers for a dress, with a whisper in his ear. Silence in all its fullness. KAOS 2022.
>> Mergentaler Street Gallery 
Street exhibition
Kyiv Collage Collective (UA): Scream in Silence
>> Dark Room 
Video collage and collage
Ricardo Miguel Fernandez (CU) 
Nikola Gocič (RS)
Martin Gerigk (DE) 
>> Layer Cafe and  Pungert Tower
Group collage exhibition
Secondary School of Design and Photography Ljubljana, mentors: Svetlana Jakimovska Rodić, Veronika Vesel Potočnik and Kaja Urh