Silence in chaos

To seek silence in the midst of chaos and to find artistic expressive forms in the collage technique does not mean looking exclusively for a well-established path. It also means looking for it in the midst of loud demands for freedom. Searching it in the middle of the beach in a crowd of relaxed faces. Look for it between two who have wind in their hair. Found it in the midst of the whirlwind of war, in the fields of dry land. Look for it among natural disasters, in the bright light of everyday life. Between them and us. In conversation. In an empty room. Searching for it in intangible happiness. Look for it in your own chaos. All this is to seek Silence. KAOS 2022.
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Ben DiNino (US)
Carmen Chiorean (RO)
Deborah Di Leo (IT)
João Amado (PT)
Martin Došek (CZ)
Michele de Costanzo/MCAHNY (IT)
Rocío Guerrero (CL)
Tatiana Almond (RU)
Angela Scardigno (US)
Christine Stoddard (US)
Helen Grundy (GB)
Virginie Maltais (CA)
Bernarda Conič (SI)
Miranda Maher (US)
Paola Lesina (IT) 
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Rachel Derum (AU)
Jorge Chamorro (ES)
Virginia Lorenzetti (IT)
Simon Welsh (AU)
Olga Klim (UK)
Ramina Ibragimova (GR)
Fernanda Porto (BR)
Bagrat Arazyan (AR)
>> In-Between Place
Brigit Egger (AT)
Dafna Steinberg (US)
Johanes Christopher Gerard (NL)
Kikimore (SI)
Miranda Maher (US)