The results of the Art in a Box: Liminal Places call are known

The Scissorhands: The Doors of Perception

The Scissorhands: The Doors of Perception

We are pleased to reveal the 12 artists selected from the open call for Miniatures: Liminal Places. Their works will be presented as part of the central exhibition of this year’s festival. The jury for the selection of works was represented by a Venezuelan artist, curator and member of international juries, Maria Elisa Quiaro.


Erika Bournet Delbosc (FR)
Ro-Nalt Schrauwen (NL)
Nikki Ward (UK)
Kai Holland (DE)
Justine Laeufer (DE)
Emily Marbach (UK)
Pasquale de Sensi (IT)
Miriam Martínez Abellán (ES)
Liza Petridou (CY)
The Scissorhands (DE)
Barbara Ribnikar (SI)
Norma De Saint Picman (SI)

We sincerely congratulate all those selected! At the same time, we would like to thank everyone who applied for the open call.

The opening of the festival and the central exhibition will be on Friday, 31/5. #savethedate

*Artists from Great Britain have a permanent residence or address in the EU.