Bram Antheunis

Bram Antheunis (1978) is a Belgian collage artist and co-founder of COUPEE Collage Collective, a platform for Belgian contemporary collage-art. The continuous search for interpretations of fading memories is the lead motive in his creative process.

During artist- in-residence at this year’s KAOS festival Bram Antheunis created the artwork titled The Greenhouse Hermitage. Nowadays, it seems as if everybody is into gardening, as a contemporary quest for stillness. Back to nature, away from the digital screens, away from the bulging agenda. Greenhouses can be seen as a 21st century substitute for the hermit’s cave. Different in size and materials, greenhouses are all created to serve the same purpose: a refuge of silence, where there is room for reflection, experiment, development, growth, harvest. The cultivation of dreams. The result of The Greenhouse Hermitage is a graphical collage herbarium in which Antheunis collects and documents, manipulates and reconstructs found, anonymous identities into new, non-existent memories.