Miroslav Ćuković

Miroslav Ćuković (1982), an American artist of Yugoslav descent, is an academy trained painter, who completed his studies at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit (Michigan, USA) in 2005, where he was also a printmaking lecturer for a time. He was also employed as an assistant in the Graphic Arts Department at the Detroit Institute of Arts. He regularly exhibits his prints, drawings, sculptures as well as installations around Europe and in the US. He also works in the public space and collaborates at many artist-in-residency programmes around the world. He received several international awards for his artistic works. Currently he lives and works in Austria. 

Through the different media of collage, unconventional printing tools, misplaced common objects, artwork editions, public interventions, and photography Miroslav Ćuković tries to attempt to respond and depict/connect the idiosyncratic transformations that he witnesses in the landscape and culture that surrounds him. Having lived in five different countries and now speaking four different languages daily, his mind is much more attuned to intricate word play, to focus on those small details that hover in between spaces, between languages. Those seemingly unimportant elements suspended at the margins build the visual and formal narrative of his practice: observing, mapping and understanding lines, borders, text flourish, along with the way information is structured and designed are the core aspects that keep his attention alive. The process of making artworks is in itself dual and constantly swinging between obsession and attempts to extend the barriers: a deliberate intuition sets the mechanism in motion but the compulsive quality questions its validity, since (re)creating a new visual language is an arduous task that opens new perspectives over a restructured reality. This reality takes the shape of collages, sculptures made of composite objects and monoprints that are closer to paintings in their making process than to an easily reproducible medium. This very process is still transforming and redefining itself because its very nature demands unparalleled flexibility.