Bill Noir

Bill Noir, a nickname and pun (or word game), hides an image enthusiast born in 1981 in Tours, France. After studying at Epinal’s image school in the early 2000s, his interest in creation led him to pinhole photography (camera obscura), experimental super-8 film, silkscreen printing, the collection of vernacular images (family photos) and since 2008, his focus has been mainly on collage. The edition, practiced alone under the name of “Mékanik copulaire”, opens towards small publications (about thirty to date) which gather and show other collagists, his collections of found photos, but also the diffusion of his own work through dedicated salons, bookstores, and online networks. About collage he draws his sources from the printed surfaces of the twentieth century. Real horns of abundance of textures, colours, hues and sizes, these period flaps offer a varied palette. He get drunks on the ambient disorder, the loss of landmarks often prepares him for the spurt of surprise. As it comes from a collage, the word “chaosmos” could perhaps refer to this process.