Eugenia Conde

She was born in Argentina in 1972. A graphic designer, illustrator and collagist artist who lives and work in Madrid. Collage for her is the need to discover the story behind what she encounters everyday; the need to peel the layers, reveal what lies within. It penetrates, defies, creates, recreates… reality. It does not settle down. For her it is an invitation to look differently. In her work she likes to think that she engages in a dialogue with the peculiar, forgotten, broken, useless, old which she finds extraordinary beautiful. She is drawn by the poetry of it. Through found objects, the use of textures and paper layers, bits and scraps she seeks to portray imperfection and a certain chaos that human nature is as unfinished process. We all live, we all brake, we love, we change, we succeed, we fail, we recreate ourselves… We are an ongoing process.