Simone Karl

Simone Karl (Germany, 1989) graduated at Technische Hochschule in Nurnberg where she studied design and completed Masters at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. She is specialised mostly in installation, ready-make objects and collage. She has participated in several exhibitions in Germany and has received awards for her work. She received an »Unseren Künsten« grant in 2018/2019 from Claussen-Simon-Stiftung, Hamburg. She works and lives in Hamburg.


» The collages create complex and surreal situations in which alienated, often faceless people, organic structures and mythological symbolism meet. They range from severe colourlessness to an explosive ecstasy of colour. My artworks deal with different facets of human life. Psychological developments and the depth of the mind are as present as the stormy and uncontrolled discharge of the physical. The pictures are playing between the extremes: from delicate softness to haunting aggressiveness.«