Kai Holland

Kai Holland (Germany, 1965) is an artist whose career started with photography, primarily documentary photography. He studied visual communication and photo- and film design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. He has always been accompanied by a multiplicity of images, pictures and photographs since he has worked from the very start of his professional career in renowned advertising agencies and publishing houses. He is employed at the well-known international agency akg-images. He lives and works in Berlin.  

Website: www.kaiholland.de
» Working with more than 10 Million images day by day. I am sure you know what that means! I had no other choice… I have to create something new from what already exists. That is what collage means to me. So my main topics are still the ubiquitous human ability to create and destroy, and the other way round. For me, collages are the perfect technique to reflect these human characteristics. «