About Tomorrow

The KAOS Festival is announcing an open call for all collage creators!

This year’s international festival of contemporary collage KAOS will take place in Kranj, Slovenia between 9 July and 8 August. We found ourselves in a situation where we are only acquainted with the reality of today – tomorrow can change in an instant. That is why this summer we are (physically) presenting the domestic creativity of collage, and we are offering international artists participation in an open call for collages entitled “About Tomorrow”.

There is a special challenge that awaits you.

The changes do not seem to end with our environment changing from century to century, and from today to tomorrow. The deserted streets of April have a different vibe today. Social changes in cities have changed living environments in such a way that the view through the window 100 years ago could change beyond recognition to this day. We planted new forests, we even moved the riverbeds, people.

How to express changes visually? You guessed it – in the form of a collage.

We invite you to send us your collage works in which you will combine part of the past, part of today and part of tomorrow. Will we be able to finally predict the future of this crazy world from your collages?

Topic: About Tomorrow
Format: Photo of analog collage or digital collage
Number: max. 3
Dimension: any
Size: max 2 MB
Resolution: 300 dpi
Deadline: 28 June 2020 inclusive
Submission method: send an email with the subject “About tomorrow” to art@layer.si
Be sure to write your own
name and surname and / or artistic name,
title of work,
dimension and
Send collages as a link to Google Drive or WeTransfer.

The team of the KOAS Festival will exhibit your collages in the form of prints in the Škrlovec Tower gallery (Kranj, Slovenia). An installation of collages will be set up and together we will show how art experiences changes the world.

We look forward to virtual contact with you ♥