KAOS Festival of Contemporary Collage
Opening event
Friday the 29th of June

Viva Collagistas, opening of the exhibition in the Spot-on Street Galerry (Gregorčičeva street, in front of City Library)
7 PM
International Festival Collagistas present selected collage works from previous editions of 16 artists.  

Mesto kaosa / The Chaos Point by Maruša Štibelj and David Almajer, opening of the art installation in the Layer’s Backyard 
8 PM

Pleska, Fine Arts and Music Festival
Antropoloops, concert
Friday the 29th of June, 9 PM
The Layer House
Antropoloops is one of the most unique proposals in the Andalusian scene, combining remix, ethnomusicology and data visualization. Rubén Alonso generates new songs by mixing different samples from throughout the world geography. Also, in the process, he shows us the collage cover, the year and the place of origin of the sound sample, through a data visualization tool developed by Esperanza Moreno.
Antropoloops comes from Spain and is specialised in unique sound collage. He has done several project performances, mostly in Spain, but also abroad. This year, in february, he performed at The MENT festival in Ljubljana.

Pleska, Fine Arts and Music Festival
Nika Perunovič and Meta Šolar
Saturday the 30th of June, 9 PM
The Layer House
In 2016 Nika Perunovič, the leading voice of the famous group Patetico, received the Vox Populi award for her singer-songwriter performance at the Kantfest festival. She upgrades her singing potential with guitarist Marko Zaletel. As Jani Kenda described Nika in Slovenske novice newspaper – “she is a natural and has emotional, sincere and heartfelt interpretation, her musical phrasing touches in the same way Billie Holiday as it does modern hip hop singers, her interpretation gives Slovene language a new sound so special that it cannot be described – you simply have to hear it.”
You also simply have to see the collage that Metka Šolar, painter from Radovljica, will create during the concert. Metka is an academic painter and in 2014 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is a member of the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies and of the Fine Arts Association Kranj. She has participated in several collective and solo exhibitions in Slovenia and Europe. She explores primarily the female image, flattening the formless faces into a floral pattern or making it dynamic with fruit motifs. She is interested in what occurs and what is left when the individual character disappears. 

Lane collage: What if I was Plato?
Workshop for young adults and adults
Sunday the 1st of July, 6 PM
The Layer House
In this workshop we will try to see how each one of us understands Plato’s words and converts them to images using the collage technique. It will be a mental training with visualization; a sort of a game in which we will try to build an image around Plato’s quotes.

Pleska, Fine Arts and Music Festival
Bordo vs Maruša: Live Soundscapes
Sunday the 1st of July, 9 PM
The Škrlovec Tower
Bordo, the brand new music world of Tomaž Štular, former lead singer of The Tide, will finally see the light of day on the stage. Since his first single Odplešiva, recorded in 2016, to this day, when the 5th single Lai Lai Svet (production Peter Penko) can be heard all over the radio, the time has finally arrived for all the songs to fulfil their potential on the stage.  

For his last two singles Zvezde v mlaju and Lai Lai Svet Tomaž joined forces with a painter and collage maker Maruša Štibelj, who created a unique video image for each musical composition. It is high time that Maruša and Bordo with guests take you, images and music to a special art painting-music event.  
It is not a concert, nor an exhibition, it is a performance. The interplay of Maruša’s collage world and techniques will come alive on stage, next to the music, and it will raise questions such as: What is theatrical scenery and what stage? Who draws the line between the audience and the performer? Can we place it elsewhere?   
Scissors, Canvas and Projection: Maruša Štibelj
Tomaž Štular – voice, acoustic guitar
Drejc Pogačnik – keyboards
Miodrag Dimitrijević – bass guitar
David Almajer – cajón, percussion

Kai Holland: Copyrights and Collage, discussion
Monday the 2nd of July, 6 PM
The Cherry Tree Garden
Many collage artists feel uncertain about the violation of other authors’ rights by using their already existing images. This issue is highly complicated and keeps many of lawyers busy all over the world. An overview of the legal bases could help avoid expansive mistakes and in the end the loss of creativity.

Claudio Beorchia: Collective Collage, workshop for young adults and adults
Tuesday the 3rd of July, 6 PM
The Layer House
Usually collages are made individually but in this workshop we will combine our forces and create some collective collages. From the spinning wheel to beautiful creatures we will learn what the basic are when it comes to collage technique.

Simone Karl: Behind the Layers, discussion, and Houses of Memories, workshop for young adults and adults
Wednesday the 4th of July, 6 PM (discussion), 7 PM (workshop)
The Layer House
Houses of Memories: Every house has a story. When we enter an old house, we often feel the weight of the past time, stories and life. Every room, piece of furniture and old photograph stores past times and lives. Every person experiences these impressions individually and connects them with their own memories.
Behind the Layers: In the artist talk “Behind the layers” Simone Karl talks about her layered collages and the artist’s book It is not me. It is me. Both projects focus on the topic of human body and soul.

What if…
The Opening of the Main Collage Exhibition

Thursday the 5th of July, 6 PM
The Layer House, the Mahlerca Studio, the Mergentalerjeva, the Škrlovec Tower
The grand opening of the artist-in-residence exhibition, the collage illustration and design exhibition, the exhibition of the open call chosen artists and of the street collage exhibition.

Hobby & Art workshop: What if… “decoupage” becomes a collage?
Friday the 6th of July, 6 PM
The Layer House
Zdravka Rihtarčič, professor of fine arts pedagogy and Hoby & Art workshop programme leader, will host a workshop for all age groups. You will create colourful animals out of cartoon using the decoupage technique. Meet us at the collage ZOO!

Guidance through the “What if…” exhibition with curator Maja Antončič
Saturday the 7th of July, 7 PM
The Layer House

What if… collage becomes a poster?
Workshop for youth (10+) with Petra Cerar

Tuesday the 10th of July, 5 PM
The Layer House

The workshop will take us to the world of posters. We will learn the main principles and a brief history of poster design. In the practical part of the workshop we will search for some visual brainchildren and create a “What if…” poster using collage technique.

What if… space was made out of surface?
Workshop for youth (15+) with Petra Cerar

Wednesday the 11th of July, 5 PM 
In this workshop you will learn about the surface construction of the space and the colour spatial illusions. You will learn to create space using coloured surfaces as well as the colour properties and characteristics. Some of the time in the workshop will be dedicated to the photography, since it is closely related to the collage technique. Photography will also be used as a conceptual basis for the creation of your collage.   

Barbara Demšar: Life at Sea, workshop for children (5+)
Thursday the 12th of July, 6 PM
The Layer House
In this workshop the participants will create using the collage technique, namely the paper tearing principle. We will try to portray all the creatures living at sea and what would sea look alike if it was made out of paper.

Urban Walk Through the the Kranj Cultural Quarter and Through the Exhibition “What if…” with Zala Vidali
Tuesday the 17th of July, 7 PM
The Urban Walk starts in front of the Layer House.
The urban walk focuses mainly on the street interventions on Tomšičeva ulica and on the current art exhibitions in the Kranj Cultural Quarter.

Urška Mazej: Transformation of the Street, workshop for young adults and adults
Thursday the 19th of July, 6 PM

Using the collage technique we will translate the space reality and its contents into a new transformed, partly abstracted composition. Our starting point will be city photographs. The participants will try to combine them into a new image surface and create a new symbolic and mental world of a certain city restructuring the given material.

Brut Carniollus: Advanced Composite Techniques in Photoshop, workshop for young adults and adults
Thursday the 26th of July, 6 PM
The Layer House
Advanced masking techniques used in digital collage and advanced image post processing, non-destructive image editing, occasional fortune telling, chaotic collaging, CC0 and public domain image resources, slow public entertainment.

Closure Guidance through the “What if…” Exhibition with curator Maja Antončič
Tuesday the 14th of August, 7 PM
The Layer House