Conversations with silence

Conversation with art is for some a conversation with an acquaintance, others with a stranger. Art may be silent, but at the same time its virtue is the boundless possibility that it can be deafeningly loud in silence. Silence is a part of time and space, it is a collection of all elements and can be found in smallest of details. KAOS 2022 invites you, dear visitor, to take your time and talk to the silence of this art. Self-reflection, social criticism, acknowledge, the beginning of a new thought, the idea and initiative for a better tomorrow, a just future, loud for all – all that in conversations with Silence. KAOS 2022.

>> Basement
Sound – visual project of artists-in-residence
Jaka Berger (SI)  and Nataša Berk (SI): Gif a F***/ Loop a GIF 
>> In-Between Place 
Sound – visual project of artists-in-residence
Mojca Senegačnik (SI) and William Blomstedt (US): Silence out Loud
>> Layer Room
Sound – visual project 
Katja Šulc (SI) and  Maruša Štibelj (SI): Shadow that kisses
>> Layer Cafe
Art installation and Collage Collection
Louise Winter (UK): Path to Oblivion
COUPEE Collage Collective (BE): World Collage Atlas