No time for silence

Chaos. Silence. Two conceptual entities on different shores of the wide sea on which humanity sails. It is capital and is an all-encompassing constant flow that invite us to flow with it if we want to be better and better. No time to sit on the shore, we say. In the year when the festival of contemporary collage comes to the city of Kranj for the fourth time, the world is living in a rush. Don’t you agree, dear visitor? Where are the boundaries of the art and what faces does it show to us to understand that only in our own silence can we find the true us? Take your time. Sit on the shore of the Silence. KAOS 2022.


>>  Tower Škrlovec Gallery
Group exhibition of invited artists

Elke Desutter (BE)
Bram Antheunis (BE)
Bodo Korsig (DE)
Enej Gala (SI)
Nieves Mingueza (ES)
Michele Landel (US)
Urška Preis (SI)
Klementina Golija (SI)
Florian Lang (AT)
Patrick Brandt (DE)
Simona Reisch (AT)

>> Khislstein Castle Garden
Ambiental art project of the festival Art Stays

Lynn Book: Conductor [KAOS X ART STAYS]