Drowning Culture

Selected collages of the open call, Spot-on Gallery (Galerija Na mestu) |

Kai Holland in Taher Jaoui, Anna Sandalaki, Clive Knights, Filipa Valenčić, Jorge Chamorro, Josipa Tadić, Kosmo_nauty, Olga Casanova, Martin Došek, Yar Kirsanov, Tamara Ablameiko, Rocio Romero, Martina Charaf, Jordan Wood

In April 2020, at a time of greatest uncertainty, we issued an international call for collage artists and invited them to participate on the theme of Drowning Culture. We received 105 collages, which we exhibited in the form of an online exhibition. At the third KAOS Festival, a selection of 19 collages is presented live.

The world as we knew it is over, they said. Jobs, intimate contacts, cultural events were under threat. In isolation, we missed our friends, co-workers, the art community. All of a sudden, we have all become connected all over the world, we became one single culture, a culture that has a common adversary. Is our civilization drowning or will it come to life again? Will culture blossom and start to sound again? How does the community of collage artists experience this decline, what do they think? What will the new morning bring?

When thinking about tomorrow while facing a drowning culture and the degradation of our natural environment, we can find a universal language in collage. A world torn to pieces, divided realities and reflections on a time, they all tell new stories with new meanings. From yesterday to tomorrow, from the past to the future, from generation to generation, change is always the only constant. Global change, our common changes, and intimate changes that are just ours.

These selected collages bring up absurd questions with their visual language and even go so far as to deal with the very absurdity of the question itself. Why, if not just in order to deal with it. When, if not now. It’s the pricelessness of the moment when everything goes wrong. And when everything is right at the same time, because everything is – chaos. Cutting the cuts, interweaving connections, turning meanings around. The shapes are round, what is natural becomes artificial. And vice versa. We are in the reverse phase, up-side down. The crowds are gathering, seeing, seeing again! Collage in a time of chaos is an abstraction of existence, an abstraction of the idea of ​​culture. Do you see the decline of culture? It is not in our capability of insight. Beyond gigantic wave of limitations, grow creative existence ♥