The touch of silence

Touch is one of the basic elements of art. A work of art, be it instantaneous, fluid or static, touches – mentally, physically, visibly, tactilely. Art transcends its frames, passes into space and touches – the viewer. He / She is his / her own individual world that responds to the work of art and brings his / her own views and values into this newly created common space. In the times we live in, this touch between them rarely happens in silence. Do we really need silence for a genuine touch? Is the purpose of art to recognize something that is within us in other dimensions and does not relate to the notions of loudness, rush through time, exact hours? Let Silence touch you. KAOS 2022.


>> Layer House Gallery
Group exhibition of artists-in-residence

Elke Desutter (BE)
Bram Antheunis (BE)
Miroslav Ćuković (US)

>> Gallery Mahlerca
Art project

Rachael Jablo (US): Hysteria Project

>> Wall on Škrlovec Street

Miroslav Ćuković (US/BA): Untitled