Anna Rosa Tomšič Jacobs

Consciousness of the Landscape

Location: Layer House and Mergentaler Street Gallery by Layer House and TAM-TAM

In this project, the artist looks at the human rift between culture and nature. As humans, we are nature, but also separated from it by our specific consciousness – which makes us capable of creating things that are yet unseen and unheard. At the same time, we long for all that is simple in nature, for a complete fusion with its being as we sense it in animals and plants. The essence of this art project is reflected in the words of the philosopher Alan Watts, who sees the human being as having its place fully in the world. He says: “Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.” (Quoted from Werner Herzog’s film Encounters at the End of the World). The artist connects this idea with the notion of locality – with human determination by the environment in which we live (in this case, the geographical environment specifically). We are part of the landscape we live in and it is part of us. We as humans are the consciousness of the landscape.

The exhibited masks are made from bark and the small-format collages consist of pressed plant leaves. Three such collages of leaves are enlarged to the dimensions of 140 x 100cm and on display in the street gallery.

Anna Rosa Tomšič Jacobs 

As a child, Anna Rosa Tomšič Jacobs moved from her native Berlin to Slovenia and she spread her roots here. In 2018, she completed her master’s degree in painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. She learned the craft of pottery and ceramics at the House of Ceramics in Kamnik and at the Narobe svet studio and she continues to develop it further. When creating, she does not limit herself to a certain field, her art springs from (as the sculptor Carl André said for himself) “my desire to have things in the world which would otherwise never be there.” In addition to carefully observing textures and structures from nature, she is inspired by reflecting on mythology and the archetypes.

She participated in several projects, e.g. in the EKO 365+ project (GOZD-ART creative camp) in 2013. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions (Čččč, Tovarna Rog and the Exhibition of Painting Students in the Arboretum in 2014, and at the Konglomerat in Erberg’s Pavilions of the Dol manor house in 2015). In 2018, she received the Silver Award from GRAPHIS in New York for her group project. A gratitude diary with her illustrations was also published that year. In the same year, in Kamniška Bistrica, she presented the land-art project Gozdna Galerija Brat Škrat, which was repeated in other locations in cooperation with the Zavod O Institute and the Layer House.